I’m not doing a video today…and if you want the full explanation, you can find it on the chat, but I warn you, it’s BORING…

There were TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES with the original video and I must correct them before I move forward.

Several things:

a) I could SCREAM and YELL about this and break things that have the misfortue of landing in my path…



That’s me above. Waiting for video to be re-renderedso I can work with it tomorrow without all of the ISSUES I’ve had.


I was finally able to BATHE today. I feel so much better!



It’s called “Smelly Pants Pepe!”

So on that note!

I apologize for the render issue!

Hope everyone has a great day!

21 thoughts on “TUESDAY MAY 28TH 2019 UPDATE!

  1. I was turned on to Mega Memes by watching you…..I would go there and get memes and share them on social media….It is down and wondered if you know why and if there is an alternative site

    • Hi Paul!

      I left a message on the chat that the MEGA MEME server was DOWN…but that this has happened BEFORE!!!!

      When it re-appeared…there was WAY MORE STUFF in it!!!!

      I think that’s what’s happening now!!!!! DARE I hope for news and photos of the TRIBUNALS??????

      Whatever happens…I think the meme folder will come back…and there will be NEW information on it…

      MEANWHILE…I think I am going to start regularly BLOGGING some of my favorite memes so people can come here and download the ones they want.

      Thanks for using the Mega Meme server…I wish everyone would…the more the merrier…lol.

      Whatever happens next is going to be a WATERFALL of proofs…then comes a D5 AVALANCHE…

      Fasten your seatbelts!!!


  2. Google: Adreno + Chrome = Adrenochrome.
    About Adreno: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adreno
    About Google Chrome: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome
    About Adrenochrome: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrenochrome and https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0074774208600252 and https://patents.google.com/patent/US2712024 and https://patents.google.com/patent/US3445478A/en
    The Illuminati’s Cabal use and need Adrenochrome, Google is part of the Cabal. Coincidence they used the names ‘Adreno’ and ‘Chrome’?
    Q: “The are no coincidences!”.

    • Hi Rudolf!
      I have it set up so the first comment a poster makes has to be approved…but then after the first comment is approved you can post freely. I do that to keep the trolls out…lol

      So I see you posted twice…probably because you didn’t see your comment (sorry about that…been busy today)
      ; )

      So I’ll just delete the second comment…

      Thanks for all the great links on adrenochrome and google! These creeps are putting this stuff in our face!!!

      Next time you comment it should go straight through!

  3. I understand – uggghh… technology & its technicalities… Juan 07 & you were excellent yesterday… Great Memes today & always – Thanks, & God bless you, Linda
    (no thanks to smelly pants – g’bye)

  4. I think you should take a break and make a cute doggie video of Truman barking at the squirrels, lizards, birds, etc. Just piece together all those funny bits for an entertaining little video for us to laugh at. I love his growl!

  5. Hi Linda … Hope that you’re well and relaxing. I really don’t know how you have managed to provide a video, every day, since the beginning.
    I can imagine that you’re taking a long stroll on the beach with Truman and enjoy the scenery. If you see your pet alligator, take a good look at his skin … I’m considering a new wallet and thought that because of the size of your alligator … that just maybe he would not be overly concerned with providing just a little bit, for a simple wallet.
    Rest, relax and smile … you’ve provided many of us with a lot of information and we’re all grateful. Hope that you’ve put-on the Pina Colada song and are dancing around your kitchen.

  6. The Smelly Pants Pepe meme is hysterical! I needed a good laugh today! Your videos are great, well worth the wait! ❤

  7. This would be a good day to Unleash Linda on the current migration with a case of Hot Sauce. If i followed the screams i could maybe meet her. But then again, I DO kinda look like Cheech Marin. OK. Mission Aborted.

    • Hmmmmmmmmmmm…HOT SAUCE…I could think of LOTS of things to do with that! (Weapon-Wise not food-wise) Good morning Anonymick! May have to buy a giant sized bottle of it for home use…in case anyone tries to break into my house! I can incapacitate them with a large mug of hot sauce to the face before I shot them!

      So much easier to hit a wallowing target! LOL

  8. Beauty and the Beasts…

    Thank you for your tireless efforts keeping us informed, entertained and inspired…

    Thank you for providing this blog and the best chat room in the universe…helping make earth great again…join us in the chat room… Truman’s cabana pool party, for conservative patriots, and free swim in gator lake for trolls and dumbasses…

    Juan’s twin brother…dubya…may dive in if the the sky is blue…


    cyberbubba and the rotties…

    • Good Morning Cyberbubba! Truman says Hi To the Rotties! You are certainly welcome…Thank you for all you do as well! MEGA!

  9. That is a funny mime. No problem, I can wait for the next video. Very interesting with Juan O Savin….

    @ Jane Radick. That is how I found Linda on YouTube. He or MadDog spoke of her to Field to watch her.

    • Hi Valerie! Hilarious right? People can never forget that she had a stain on the back of her fancy $10,000.00 suit and these idiot leftests ROBOTS still wanted that thing in the oval office!

    • LOLdavid! Well someone may have to die if that happens. It will be an accident. I won’t mean to do it.
      ; )

  10. How did you connect with 107 Jaun O’ Savin? What is the story of that? So interested to know and excited to hear his info. OMG does have a lot of info.

    • Hi Jane!
      I was doing radio interviews with a lady named Dr. Robin Falkov…such a sweet lady and very knowlegable about science, health and other things and she (along with a few other people) suggested he would be someone good to interview.

      Robin was the one who formally introduced me to Juan and we have had several long conversations and email exchanges since.

      Unfortunately Robin passed away this year…and wasn’t doing well during out last interview…so sad.

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