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The BUZZ is…that the most amazing President Trump gave us the best Fourth of July anyone ever had yesterday, and for the first time we are

in control.

Here’s some memes for when you’re reading one of POTUS’s amazing tweets and some dumbass, loser-troll is on there whining, crying, and wetting their pants…

















Any one of these memes would work in such a situation (as mentioned above)  and I’ll be providing memes and snark on a regular basis from now on…

and just to add a little spice to the mix, here’s a campy, creepy movie from 1969 for you to enjoy…








9 thoughts on “HAPPY FRIDAY AMERICA!!!

    • Hi Dan! THEY took it down!!!

      But this happened once before…and the folder re-appeared with tons of NEW informationin it. I’ve addressed this in just about every video I’ve made.

      I’m leaving the link up because I think last time it came back to the same place. If it doesn’t…then I will replace it with the new link when I get it…
      I’ll also talk about it on my videos…hopethis helps.

  1. Happy Independence Weekend, Linda! I hope you and Truman are enjoying the ongoing fireworks!

    I love your work. Snarky and Barky are the dynamic duo of Truthers! I’ll put your video on while I’m fixing dinner and my husband and I have made it into a drinking game. Every time you say “These people!” it’s take a drink time. And when you say “Dumbasses” it’s a double shot. Don’t worry, though, it’s usually just sparkling water so we’re not on our faces by dinnertime. 😉

    You make me laugh so much, I thought you’d appreciate this gem which has had me laughing all morning.


    Hugs from the other side of the country!

  2. I got excited seeing you say “Hi Barbara! Thank you so VERY much for your wonderful words!” Then I remembered that I’m signed in as Gayle, so it was for lovely Barbara Montoya. I am Barbara Gayle. LOL. I often tell you how important you are to me and to the work of keeping our spirits up. Consider I just said so again. It’s all about your research, your outrage, and your ability to share the information with valuable Vitamin Snark. And there is your love and appreciation of Truman, gaining points. God Bless you so much. Bigly!

    • Gayle! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      This means so much, as I do exactly what I believe the Most High wants me to do!!!

      I DO believe that good spirits are imperative to our survival…and by good spirits, I mean a good laugh
      at THEIR expense…lol! Especially since, apparently, they think they are BETTER than we are.

      They’ve put us all through Hell…lol…Let the mocking begin!
      ; D

      Seriously Gayle, this does mean so much. People leaving wonderful comments like this…some people
      like to wallow in misery, if things aren’t going their way, OR if I’m not making the video exactly the way THEY want me to make it! lol

      The more I research I do, the more I see that there are very good reasons that it’s taking so long.

      This research is so shocking…so disturbing…and these creatures are so disgusting…what else is left to do but laugh at these these things?

      I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the show because we are so winning!!!

      Thanks again Gayle! MAGA!!! MEGA!!!

      Besides…they make it so easy and the only other option is to be scared to death.

  3. Hi Barbara! Thank you so VERY much for your wonderful words!

    I wanted to be a writer and was getting out of television when the 2016 election changed everything!

    So it means a lot! I took some intense writing classes and was working with a coach and an editor…really learned to enjoy crafting a story…such a great way to make a living…but of course the Rothschilds own all of the publishing companies…and then there’s the little matter of the Communist Satanic takeover and all…

    so all of that had to be put aside so I could start to share information.

    To tell you the truth…I enjoy the research and making youtube videos just as much! Plus I was able to write a chapter for the Q Book!

    Then there’s people like you who say such wonderful things…thanks so much.

    I lived in LA for 2 years. Loved the people but could see that the job market was way better back east. Wow…if I only knew then what I know now.

    Still love to watch old movies like “The SandPiper” “Play Misty For Me” and “The Birds” and dream of the old days on the northern coast…when you could (supposedly) live in a cool “beach shack” in a completely isolated beach on a minimal income…lol…

    those were the days!
    ; )

  4. I just absolutely love your work. I’ve read some of your stories about true crimes (my favorite thing to read). I can’t stop reading them, your writing captures a person with your very first sentence. All the information you have shared I can’t stop thinking about. I share with my family they always want more.
    You are top notch in your investigation and writing.
    Thank You so much♥️
    Barbara Montoya from crazy California, and getting crazier by the minute. Now people can’t work on their cars in their own garage. p.s, JFK jr on cover of people magazine this week????????

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