Today I woke up…checked the Q Board…checked my email…my Twitter and my YouTube channel…

and was immediately struck by all of the trolls lurking about.

After dealing with the abuse, in an appropriate (snarky) fashion, the morning slid downhill from there.

I then go to “Truth and Art TV” where Bernie proceeds to tell his viewers that HIS channel is “fact-based”, unlike the Q Decoders, (who are basically doing nothing but speculating) and the truthers (who are creating “wild speculation” and you could “end up talking about aliens”!


Gasp! Faint! Shoot!

Here’s the thing…

I question ANYONE who has to step on OTHER, honest, hard-working content producers, in order to elevate themselves.

I enjoy watching the decodes, and Q has stated “learn our comms” more than once, so why would Bernie trash people who make videos about the decodes?

Disappointing, to say the least, and made my morning even more obnoxious. 

In all fairness to the REST of YouTube and in the interest of FULL disclosure, the ONLY thing that Bernie does is gather news stories from established sources like Gateway Pundit, Epoch Times and Breitbart!

Then he READS them on video! 

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with doing that however…

Bernie doesn’t research or write ANY of the stories he reports on.  Those were all written by other people and published in OTHER publications!

I could do that every day and have a YouTube Channel forever, sharing things that OTHER PEOPLE have written and researched, and that appear in alternative/mainstream news sources.

Many of us spend WEEKS, months, days, researching history, looking at old newspapers for hours, listening to interviews, watching video after video (for days on end)…many times hitting the jackpot…but just as many times there is no return other than eliminating possibilities.

Do I share news stories? Yes…sometimes, but most of the time my videos involve taking my subscribers with me, as I run down the rabbit holes that actually PAID OFF,…

and I’m NOT restricting my research to “INSIDE OF THE MATRIX” as I look for answers!

To trash the Q Decoding channels and researchers like myself, while at the same time , he is simply re-posting material that someone else created and anyone can find on their own by going to those websites…


is disingenuous at best, and divisive, insulting to other patriots  and disappointing.








Today I’m taking a break from the highly critical “internet”, and going to cook on the grill and regroup!

I want to thank all of my new twitter friends for all of the EXTREMELY amazing messages I got today!!!

They all arrived at exactly the right time!


Now here’s a movie you might like. It’s got Barbra Stanwick in it, who I think makes a convincing female…

however the baritone strains in her voice and the broad, straight shoulders, emphasized by the high forehead and small hips…

gives it away.


Still…it’s a pretty good effort…


Here’s another great movie (starring Heddy Lamar) with the word “Strange” in the title…

Hope everybody has a great Saturday!

See you tomorrow! 







  1. Linda ThankQ 4 all u do!!! Please look into links to ADERNALCHROME and Disney’s MONSTERS InC movie…. using TERROR on children for “Power” It’s all right there in our Faces!! WWG1WGA!

  2. Linda,you do a great job,I enjoy your candor and wit.Youve brought alot into the forefront,especially with the Podesta emails and the horrible things they allude to,like the walnut sauce stuff etc Do I feel like I wanna proclaim it from the rooftops,no,has it enriched my life ,yes and no.What makes you special is you said many times I will not monetize and have to play and say things by thier rules,so don’t fall for it.Theres plenty of Lory Collie channels that won’t say a word,then even spell it out like we are in grade school.Abd yes I like Trump but I’m cautiously optimistic,there’s reasons for this like derugulating gmo manufacturers and passing things that infringe on second amendment like red flag laws,and visiting an area in CA that even a 5 year old would think,why did this group of houses burn down and it’s surrounded by trees that didn’t,and my biggest concern is this 5 g nightmare that so many folks are alarmed about, Will I vote for him again,yes,because the op has gone off the rails into nutland,and that could be by design Stay true to yourself The reason people are attacking is because ,newcomers to truth movement pop up and make claims like my magic decoder ring says whitgats are chemtrailing us with healthy vitamins and minerals Personally I’m dumb but not stupid,Do that’s my rant,I enjoy the search riding along with you,and if I had video skills I’d enter the fray myself.At least you read the comments some channels disable it,shutting down discourse,is everyone gonna agree ,no,but like RFB says take what you can and dump the rest.Keep on Snarkibg

  3. Linda,
    Please know so many of us admire and care for you. It is appropriate for you to be needling tp change things up. The pressure, the terrible trolls, the awful truths we must all wake up to, are immense. It is a time like no other. The shattering of our old world view to include the heinousness of these satanic pedovores and how many of them are in power around this world. It’s all just more than most can comprehend.

    You get to set your boundaries for how you create this revolting content. You must.
    Your health is of utmost priority. Yes, your videos are genius. They are like none other, but you must guard yourself and set a good example of only giving what you can to this odd time we are in.

    Truman will help you, we will help you by accepting your generosity and beautiful gift whenever you can give it.
    With sincere admiration, Susan, from deep blue Boulder, Colorado.

  4. I just watched Woman of the Year with Katherine Hepburn. 1942, I think they came up with the “Victory Roll” hairstyle and padded shoulders to hide that they were all men. Definitely on Barbra.
    Linda, I love the rabbit holes you take us down and all the digging you do!

  5. Well…God recognizes you…He sees you,& thousands of us love you and Truman ~you help thousands of people.
    It’s mind blowing that you work so incredibly hard.
    No matter what the secular world says, with their lies, their b.s.,
    they are sellouts, but you are honest.
    God can see you.
    You’re working for King.
    There is a spiritual economy. You are blessed.
    You are storing treasures up in heaven, by being pure,
    like a true reporter should~ you are the best kind of reporter.
    By caring about human souls, by seeking truth with all your heart,
    you make a huge impact, despite the liars who lie.
    God sees your numbers.
    If you can save one soul for the kingdom of heaven,
    then you can put no dollar amount for your work..
    It’s priceless what you do. Thank you!
    You will be rewarded.
    God will place a crown of glory on your head.
    Nothing on earth is worth losing your golden ticket to heaven.
    Because of your caring hard work, if one person is stopped from
    taking the mark of the beast,
    then you will have helped Almighty God!
    That’s important. If you feel you are not getting enough reward,
    there are tens of thousands of us who appreciate you, beyond words.
    God bless you & Truman!
    May you always have everything you need ✝️

    • Hi Elizabeth! What a beautiful comment!

      I don’t so much need a “reward” as much as I do a BREAK from all of th (attempted) spiritual attacks…the trolls…the propaganda about our beloved President…and the negativity that comes my way from trying to spread the truth…etc…etc… They don’t make it easy…but neither do some of the people who are supposed to be on our side.

      Equipment failure…program malfunctions…bad renders…bad audio…no views yet 30 likes…no more than a certain number of views…even though you KNOW you have more…

      this is what they do. They constantly barrage you from all angles trying to discourage you. It’s CONSTANT. It never goes away, unless you can make time to walk away from the computer!
      It’s your only relief…and even then you have to train your brain to not “think” about all the things that are happening online.

      I believe this is by design.

      It DOES help to vent though! And MOST OF ALL reading the COMMENTS…like yours and from people like you…(of course you have to go back to the dreaded computer to read the comments…lol)…but the wonderful comments that people leave really mean a lot when things start to pile up!!!

      I don’t like to talk about it…mainly because I don’t want to give it any power, and 95% of the time I find a way to re-group… but it’s all real. YouTube creators all getting injured and getting sick at the same time…etc…

      I don’t really need a reward of any kind…but I do need to get away from the attacks from time to time to save my own sanity…the attacks are hideous…and it makes me LONG for the days when these creatures will be GONE forever!!!

      Hopefully we can wake people up so this NEVER happens again…it’s my goal to do as much as I can to make that happen before I die.

      Hopefully, I’ll be given the chance to work in peace one day, but for now I see it’s going to be utter chaos while these creeps go down.

      After all…we are winning!!!

      Thanks again Elizabeth! It means more than you know! MAGA!

  6. Wow. I watched both of the movies and they are pretty dark. The women in them are so wicked. I can’t relate to being like that, but sure have seen that manipulative behavior before in women who have destroyed men’s lives.

    • Hi Theresa! I know right??? They are movies that center around characters that are THEM! The Strange Woman was a really engrossing story imo…but the whole time I kept thinking: “She’s one of them!” Heddy Lamar (who was probably a boy…one of their mind-controlled products) was stunning to look at, but once you realize what they are doing the VEIL is ripped away, and you can see the deception clearly, especially after you train your eyes to LOOK.

      I always say this in my videos: If you look at their female characters, and who they ARE in the storylines, even if you don’t acknowledge the gender deception that is put there to make you feel like “less of a woman” than the women in the films…you can see that the characters themselves are PARODIES of women!

      A kind of sick portrayal of what women are. Many of the older films depict devious, scheming creatures that have NOTHING going for them except their schemes and lies!Women are always plotting in these movies and they have impossible body dimensions.

      All part of their plan imo…they want men to hate women…and to believe that their mate is severely physically flawed because she doesn’t look like a MAN IN DRAG! LOL…

      Glad you watched them…they are at least entertaining! ; )

  7. “B”!!!!!!!!! OMG, I can’t believe it!!! Now I know I’m “HOME”, sigh. <3 <3

  8. Linda,bless you sweet lady! I am in continuous awe of your talent.Please know you are VERY much appreciated!
    Keep on keeping on,& shine as you sing your song! It’s lovely!

  9. I too watched Bernie. I understand why he announced it. He wants to clear himself from being considered a “Conspiracy “. I wrote him a comment that he made me laugh as I know he is talking about the JFK, Jr. lady as I too feel she is distracting from the full Q message of child trafficking and Satanism. I did enjoy her connections that she bought up (but her videos were very long and I had other things to do). Also when I went into a live stream of Abel Danger many people were seeing her there and just commenting directly to her. I even asked is this Field McConnell show or Kelly Anne’s show. After that I rarely watch live stream as the chatting is to distracting and rarely doesn’t offer anything of value.

    Don’t feel slighted in any way. Your research is very valuable and appreciated. I have always felt Q was there to inform us since you know the Fake News wouldn’t tell us this. I also feel some of these posts and pics are there to F with the DS…or whoever was involved with JFK’s assassination, JFK, Jr’s plane crash and so many other things like 9/11. I really feel we are meant to speculate…We solve this together, as a team. We own it in the end. I ended my comment to Bernie with a speculations I made about the reflection on the watch…I see a gun in the man’s hand. Look for my comment as Oldlady. Funny too is Jordan Sather on his video was giving out a similar statement about trying to keep it “real or true”. He was speaking about SB2 seeming to be speculating to much with the Gematria. We are at the end stretch and we should all be focused on our part of what we are accomplishing. I watch so many different YouTubers and you would be surprised what has been opened up to me in the bits and pieces.

    I appreciate all you YouTubers that give up your time to make us aware of what is going on behind our backs. If it is all speculation I don’t care because I like others can filter through it. I believe in the end we will know this horrible truth we have been living through.

    • Thanks Valerie…I appreciate your comment so much…and I get what you are saying, but daily bashing and censoring is bad enough…3 years and what I have I got to show? My numbers stay the same and I STILL can’t monetize my channel..but it’s starting to get to me. It’s one thing to be attacked by trolls and technocrats…
      It’s a bit much to be attacked by people who are supposed to be on your side. The way Bernie worded it was INSULTING to other youtubers imo. He made no distinctions, and those people who decode are helping people to understand the comms. Completely out of line to lump us all into one category and join in the YouTube creators bashing. I had to unsubscribe. No more Bernie for me. I’ll just go to Gateway Pundit myself and bypass him…lol

  10. Thank you for all your work . . such a delight.
    I may not watch Barbara Stanwick . . somehow she scares me . . .
    I bookmarked both films . . . because YOU So Totally Rock!

  11. It’s been quite a while since I have been able to enjoy your lovely, inspired, and clever posts…I’m so glad I’m back! Keep up the researched pressure & GOD bless you for sharing.

      • Oh, “B”!!! I completely forgot how to respond on here…it’s all coming back to me now, and I couldn’t be happier!! I’ve missed the hell outta’ you!!!

    • Hi Debora! I was ranting a bit today but will be back to my normal snarky self tomorrow or Monday! YES! I want to do more writing!!! XO Linda

      • Rants are a really good way to get the angst and poison out…believe me, I know. 😉 It’s taken me the past seven years of my life to allow myself to rant – kindred spirits here!!

  12. Linda,
    I appreciate all your hard work/research. It’s helped to open my mind and I find it all fascinating (the old newspaper articles, especially). Thank you!
    Best Wishes to you and Truman!
    Mark Witters

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