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This blog was created, in order to cover live trials along with cases in the news, that involved the murder of  children, by a stranger or family member and has always been dedicated to the memory of Caylee Anthony, who never received the justice she deserved.

That was in 2008.

Since that time, the blog has organically taken on a life of it’s own and has morphed into a blog dedicated to the support of the President of the United States,

one of the most incredible human beings who ever lived,

the best President of all time,

President Donald J. Trump.

Now, more than ever, we, as a country, can plainly see why children have been treated as second class citizens, and so many have been used and abused over the years.

There are many reasons for this blog, which is in transition now.

Stay tuned for more…


Linda Paris (AKA Deplorable McAllister)




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  1. Linda,
    My wife and I are so proud of YOU. Your snarky commentary on the current situation is FANTASTIC and long overdue in “polite” society. We know you won’t sugar coat your content to lessen it’s impact and that is exactly what sets you above the many others. May God Bless and Keep You Well. We need you in our lives more than you know and will support your continued efforts. WWG1WGA
    ..even our dog takes notice of the television when Truman chimes in so keep him in there!

  2. Ok Linda
    I finally found the blog. I came across this link looking up the dead playboy model thought you could dig a lot deeper. This video even in a different language explains a lot. Enjoy

  3. Linda tonight I went off on Facebook. I can’t stand thier shit anymore. I called them Ass book… I’m done….everything I try to put out …they manipulate my type…I love you..Can you help me get the word out …They are AssBook. Love you.

  4. Hi Linda ,
    I hope your Christmas is going great and your happy !!!
    I have a question and am so concerned Im loosing sleep on a new level . Besides our children being abused torchered and murdered ..pedo and all …. Ive been digging into the fires here in california were i live .
    I have seen with my own eyes what is going on and its very frightening . They are burning us and all under the premise that its global warming . ITS NOT . They are using weapons chemical heat ect ect . People are donating money to help those in need and they are keeping it banks red cross any relief is being stolen or at least most . I did some looking into it by following the money and found many rothschild name at end or soros . These people are taking over … I know Trump is on it .. but how many more of us killed murdered or how many false flags have to happen before this is stopped ???
    Now Im not a professional reporter or have any business going to deep .. Im wanting to help anyway thats possible .
    Your an amazing reporter honest and Im hoping you can look into this hard . ? See if this is as bad as it looks . Ive thought of writing the president ?? Just dont want to bother him with things he Im sure already knows .
    Again Thank you so much for all you do and bring to us !!

  5. love the energy you bring to your channel. Info: Denise Montgomery created a super
    computer called the “HAMMER” , he had a lawsuit against the FBI. His lawyer was
    Larry Clayman ? There is a video by him

  6. Just viewed your 11-12-2018 on the Red Cross. Excellent as always, information, graphics and delivery. Look forward to your posts as they inform and entertain me more than even our dear Joan Rivers. You are blessed and a blessing. Love it !!
    Love also to Truman! God Bless!

  7. Hi Linda, I watch you, and not Alex Jones, anymore. I wish you would do a piece on how CPS, has been terminating rights to entire biological families, rather than let someone in the family take a child. With the pedo busts, 60% to 70% of the children are foster children, and many have been adopted out to strangers. This is where most of the children come from. My grandchildren are victims, but I know where they are, and do everything I can to make sure the adoptive parents know not to hurt them. I tried several times unsuccessfully, to legally get them. Millions of us have contacted Trump about Family Court & Juvenile Court Fraud.

  8. Linda,
    Thirty years ago an evil was revealed to me. An international monetary and control scheme so dark and unbelievable that nobody would have believed it if I would have told them what I had been shown. So I quietly went about my life and began to prepare my family for what was coming. What I never imagined is that thirty years later so many peoples eyes would begin to open and they would see what I knew. You are part of that awakening in that you are revealing secrets that have been jealously guarded for generations. You are either very brave or very stupid. I suggest the former and not the later is true. Please be very careful. Watch your back and take all protective measures available to you. Do with this what you will.

  9. Hello Linda,
    I really like what you are doing and wanted to share some videos i watched on youtube that may help you in your research. I’m not going to get wordy on this (my first comment to you). You may have already seen them. But if they are helpful let me know and i’ll continue to share with you info i think might help you in your quest to wake up the drunken masses. i think your doing a great job!

    the open scroll:
    who is Cain’s father
    part 1 thru 3

  10. Hey Linda, I have been following your videos which are not only informative but more entertaining than everything else I could be watching on cable. If I wasnt addicted to Tucker and Hannity on Fox I would chuck the whole thing. Love your sense of humor and happy to know that someone else loves our POTUS as much as I do. Thank you so very much for all your hard work. You rock!

  11. Linda… Ive been watching you on youtube for about three months. You are a breath of fresh air to those awakening. Thank you for serving your fellow people as snarkly and “deplorably” as you do. You are of great encouragement and inspiration to those awakening who are searching for their own weapons and purposes in this battle. Im personally wondering if you can find out what’s truly going on with the Jesuit Pope suddenly “retiring”. Q mentioned he’d be having a rough May. Did Pope get threatened to step down cause powerful people are onto his crimes and are gonna bring him down for them? Is he getting arrested? Perhaps he will commit suicide or fake death in order to not get whats coming to him. I can’t wait to find out the biblical books and truths that the Vatican have been hiding from we the people in order to mess with our freewill choices and gain control of the people, convincing us that we need religion and we need to do what religion tells us in order to have a relationship with God. Bullshit! I have so many questions regarding what the corrupt elite have taken from and added to the bible. What stories have they manipulated and created for their personal gain and power? Christ was a Blood sacrifice… Does that bother anyone but me knowing what we are learning about Satan? Satan requires blood sacrifices, Heavenly Father does NOT. Satan’s timeline has now been denied, based on results. Linda, if you havent listened to Mark Taylor and Kim Clement I highly suggest that you do. Its so easy to get caught up in Satans plans and lose faith in Gods plans. We have each been chosen to play our roles, we just need prepare our ammo and listen for the call. Its a great time to be alive. With Trump as president, Q communicating with those of us in God’s Army who have the eyes to see and mind to listen, and the soldiers such as yourself doing the research to inform your battlemates about the enemies tactics and plans, God is preparing His army. Many are struggling to make up their minds which side of the battlefield theyll be fighting on. Thank you for standing strong on the frontlines with your weapons of truth and knowledge and encouragement. Letting us know who and what our enemy is so we can take him down.

    • RoseAngel09…

      THANK YOU!

      I wonder all of the time if these people are already planning how to fake their own deaths…so they can escape justice, and live UNDERGROUND in luxury for the rest of their days, maybe even some hidden paradise, discovered long ago, during WW2, and they will NEVER have to face worldly consequences!

      IMO President Trump and the current Administration are NOT going to let that happen.

      The monsters have LOST…for the first time in their existence…and there will BE no “clones” or “ais” sent to the gallows in their place and no Shangrala for them to run to!

      RoseAngel…I have been spiritually lost for most of my life…wondering about all of the other religions…and who is the REAL God?

      I feel like all of my questions have been answered by this one bombastic event and I know GOD is here right now!

      How people all over the world are not noticing this…is really the perplexing part!

      I let GOD do the “heavy lifting.”

      He will take the blinders off…I try to do my part and let GOD do the rest.

      ; )

      He’s on our side.

      Thank you so much for your comment RoseAngel.

      • I agree with the idea that people once they have done their thing go off to live somewhere else. For recent examples; Saddam Hussein. He was a very vain man and had perfect Hollywood teeth. Look at the guy they found and hung, horrible decayed nasty teeth. NOT HIM. Same with Gaddafi, bin laden, Jim Morrison. David Bowie is an interesting one. Look up the post death interview with Jack White. I knew Jack White and the guy they interview is David Bowie, same eyes same teeth same facial structure. NOT Jack white ( there are other interviews with White on you tube. Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks, controlled opposition. Jones got too close to Bohemian grove.
        There are many witnesses in South American who met Adolf Hitler in the late 40’s and 50’s. There are many more.

      • further to my last post, there is a video on you tube where an IT guy got right up the ladder in his field and was offered in exchange for silence regarding secret technology to go and live in “a place where the sun always shone, the water was clear and everything was perfect’ he refused and has been on the run since. He is very plausible.
        And on the subject of South America, there are many, many german settlements and towns. A whole fleet of U boats was missing at the end of the war.

      • Something else that is not widely known; The USA funded the third reich through WG Farben (now Monsanto) suppliers of Zyklon B the gas used for de-lousing (no, there were NO gas chambers, Hydrogen cyaninde (Zyklon B) reacts with iron oxide (brick) to for PRUSSIAN BLUE that cannot be changed. NONE of the ‘gas chambers turned blue, only the tiny rooms used for de-lousing clothes. Also, there was nowhere near enough coke for the furnaces they are supposed to have used, also the reason they burned some bodies was dysentry and the water table was so high they could not be buried.
        Henry Ford supplied engines ( he even sued the US governmnet for damage to his plants in Germany by allied bombing). Prescott Bush, JP Morgan, the UK Royal family ( who are german, name Saxburg-Gotha) and many more US businesses. It was a fight against the zionist empire of Rothschild to stop the Jewish/zionist take over of the world, which has failed as we can all see. (check out the protocols of the elders of zion 1776) and the Talmud ( destroy anyone not jewish). There is much much more. And you are right, all the technology came overseas

      • Hi Linda,
        You & I have a lot in common. I grew up 40 miles north of Philadelphia, attended Methodist church, went to Temple University, and started exploring other means of spirituality…and nothing clicked for me so I, too, was lost until I moved West & began to realize how BIG and BEAUTIFUL our country is. Now, I attend the church of the great outdoors, and feel closer to God than I ever have before. Unaccountable things happen, and I feel very privileged to have the life I have now. One unaccountable thing, has been in finding your fresh, critical approach, your patriotism, your snarkiness, and your talent devoted to helping our people wake up. I am cash poor, but incredibly rich in other ways, and I’m finding ways, now & then, to donate to your efforts. I noticed you have over 6000 subs…and I’m sending your links to my relatives and friends. Right on, sister!

        • Thank you Ginny!

          YES YES YES…I feel as though there is a new religion on the horizon and it is getting BACK to God…without the actual CHURCH (as in “preachers…POPES”…and other so-called “Holy” people in “charge.”)

          No building. No steeple. Just PEOPLE who want to PRAISE AND THANK GOD.

          Please don’t feel bad about not having any money to donate! I am in your shoes right now! I don’t have money to donate to other channels either because these NWO CREEPS have been taking giant bites out of our (and our parent’s) incomes for decades.

          Think of how we could so easily meet our financial needs (with a few extras on the side) if these VULTURES had not been robbing us blind for literally centuries!

          Ginny…I believe that when the truth comes out…what they’ve STOLEN from us…what they’ve DONE to us…and to our parents…

          it’s going to be much worse than we think!

          Meanwhile…thank you for sharing my links! That’s HUGE!!!

          They are censoring me right now…so that really helps COUNTER ACT their censoring! Thank you!

        • I am student of Tesla for years…I live in Colorado in the Denver area and would like to meet with Ginny…I am familiar with standing waves, interested in networking with others who understand the times…if you would not mind forwarding my information. Years ago I created Family Bill of Rights HB-1311 that year in Colorado…so know we are kindred spirits and I enjoyed reading these posts…keep up the good work…thank you for all you do in disclosing these truths to the public…sincerely yours

  12. Check out HR 5690 (2008)https://www.congress.gov/bill/110th-congress/house-bill/5690

    Then check out the wiki leaks revealed Congressional report on HR5690.

    Another subject, why was Facebook integrated with GTA-V is Zuckerberg looking to deploy assassin teams against Americans for mass murder using the GTA-V hit squad deployment, tracking and bitcoin pay system?

    Was the movie John Wick and JW2 a leak on the Deep State syndicate?

    See video link below the GTA V system also works in the real world the exact same way. Why would Facebook make the investment in integrating with a crime game that deploys assassins over cell phones?

    Yes it’s an out thereally theory, but somebody pays a lot of money to integrate FB with GTA-V, FB can also spy on and record criminals (blackmail?)

  13. The recent article written by Margaret, wrapping up the Hairyass trial, was very well thought out. No matter how this case finally ends, I believe justice will be served. I believe that a person can try to hide from the truth. But the light truth cannot be dimmed, no matter how much fog it must cut through.

  14. It looked like Travis was praying in one of those pictures when he was in the shower. The reason I feel that she deserves the death penalty is in addition to the murder, she lied on the stand and dragged his name in the mud. He was a good person and was an Angel to others. I believe that she was jealous of his good spirit and was a hater because she knew she was poor white trash and pretended that she had class. Also, she really thought that she was smarter than everyone else, including Nurmi and Wilmott. But she had no idea about Juan Martinez who is a seasoned professional. Wilmott seems to me that she paid somebody to take her bar exam….They both were duped by Jodi and it all came out in the end…..
    People like Jodi need to be put in checkmate to let them know that they are not as smart as they think and that normal people like us live in the real world.


    • Lisa I completely agree with you. Did you notice the stares of pure hatred that she shot towards witnesses, Juan Martinez and yes…even the jury during the trial and after the verdict?

      If she is allowed to languish in prison I will bet you 100 thousand dollars that she still believes she is smarter then all of those people and will immediately start trying ti reach out from prison and kill.

      Juan Martinez would be the first on her list and I’ve written on this blog over and over that I am WORRIED about Juan martinez and his safety if she gets LWOP.

      YOU SAID: I believe that she was jealous of his good spirit and was a hater because she knew she was poor white trash and pretended that she had class…

      BINGO! You are so right…I agree with you 100%…You can hear it in the way she tries to act intelligent and use big words and flowery language but she doesn’t use the words correctly because she is a giant FRAUD.

      I would bet she’s done this her entire life and IMO authorities should look into her past because this murder was vicious…and it was carefully planned. It took TIME to put this together from the moment she decided to do it which in my mind was when she got those texts from Travis. I can’t believe that she just one day committed a crime of this barbaric nature…and this was her first time doing it.

      She was far too efficient for me. I feel her past needs to be completely investigated because I am sure there is something there.

      Plus anyone who makes a public statement that “No jury will convict me” and then has the audacity to bolster it with “And you can mark my words on that one…”


      You don’t make a statement like that on national TV unless you are 100% sure that you are going to ace it. She has gotten away with things before and i’ll guess that she’s never been caught in her entire life until now.

      Lisa we all have a side of us that wants to just let go of social conventions sometime and run naked down a private beach or eat a six layer ice cream dessert…whatever the case may be.

      I believe that this killer tapped into that part of Travis that is in all of us and took him down a road that he realized all too late was very DARK and was not at all what he wanted in life and I believe you are absolutely right…she did it to control him but she did it because she was jealous of his goodness.

      Let me take your theory a little further and add to it.

      I believe that she was extremely jealous of Travis’ goodness…and that she took pleasure out of defiling him!

      In other words she purposely set out to take that “goodness” away from him by…on purpose…engaging him in these sexually dark scenarios…that were of her instigation and HER planning. she Even brought the KY and all of the stuff needed…why?

      Because Travis didn’t own those things!

      She pulled him DOWN to her level in order to TAKE his goodness from him and ELEVATE herself in the process!

      Dr Drew and his panel can sit up there all night and throw around “diagnosis”…oh she suffers from this or that or a combination of this and that…

      who cares?

      I don’t mean to sound as if I have no feelings for the mentally ill…but this is something different. She is EVIL no matter what it is that they think is wrong with her!

      She wants to kill Juan Martinez RIGHT NOW. You can see it in her eyes and she is allowed to live I’ll bet a years salary that she will kill someone…hurt someone…either in prison or FROM PRISON…

      I put nothing past this devil.

      She will try to retaliate from prison IMO.

      Your post is so good and so TRUE…feel free to post on any of the articles any time.

      Agee with u totally!

      Justice for Travis!

      Linda Paris

      • Linda, I agree with you. One thing I know is that when someone does something deliberately to hurt a good person that had something to offer the world, it will never work out. The universe does not allow that. In the beginning, it may seem like they are getting away with something but in the end, the tables will turn. Jodi is gonna pay, it may take a little time, but she is gonna get hers at the end of the day….and I can’t wait. As far as Juan Martinez is concerned…..the jail is going to be watching her every move, her communication and everything, she will have a hard time committing more crimes because people in jail would love to get something on her.

        • Lisa I so agree with what you just posted. It’s one of the things that gave me peace about the Anthony verdict. As you stated…our legals system may be seriously flawed…but the universe does not allow that.

          People are angry over Casey Anthony’s life in that condo on the beach…but I know that life doesn’t work that way. She is not going to murder her baby…drive around with Caylee’s dead body in the trunk of her car…all while she parties and lies to police costing tax payers a fortune…

          and then go on to live happily ever after and BENEFIT financially from Caylee’s horrible murder. After that sketchy verdict and everything she’s done…she will be lucky if she doesn’t end up in a ditch somewhere…but then Casey Anthony is just the kind of person that would end up eventually in a ditch somewhere anyway…because she steals…lies…and kills. It would /WILL BE only a matter of time before she re-offends imo.

          Same with JA…no matter where either of them go they will still be the psycho killers and the liars that they are…jimo we haven’t heard the last of either of these witches and like you…I can’t wait…because one’s luck is pretty much gone and the other’s luck is slowly running out.

          It could take years but as you stated…

          I am ready to sit back and let karma do her work…she always knows best!
          ; )

  15. I just wanted to say i enjoyed the live chat last night, an then as soon as i got on this morning, i think my sarcasm was miss-interperted… I was banned. I am not sure why and would like to say I am deeply diss appointed. I had a good time last night, and was very surprized to find others that shared my views on one certain lying lil crazy B!tch…

    be banned without an explaination hurt…
    sorry i do not fit in with our mutual wish that Jodi Arias suffers for a long time be fore she is put to death.

    • Emm…that would be me that banned you and yes I misinterpreted and apologize…

      it is not the first time I have jumped the gun. Again my sincerest apologies.

      My explanation is simple.

      I have been relentlessly targeted by Anthony, Baez and Arias TROLLS for the past 3 years and want to keep my conversations troll free and I was SCARED that you were a troll!

      It’s really that simple…and again I am going to UNBAN you and please accept my apologies!!!

      That “JODI ARIAS IS INNOCENT” and “CASEY ANTHONY IS INNOCENT”-guy has targeted me before with his trolls and I am a little…

      oh…PARANOID…yes! That’s the word I am looking for.

      prepare to be unbanned…post away my friend.



  16. Linda-Good Morning!! I really don’t think Morgan & Morgan need any PR,they are an esteemed firm with a lot of well respected Attorneys who work there. Unlike Bozo,who will never earn any repsect from his fellow colleagues,he will always scrape the bottom of the barrel. He hasn’t had a case since the CA case,he’s desperate to make money,so he is of the thinking, that he can do the tv circuit interviews, and he’s in big demand,in his mind only,but,as I’ve said before,will say again,”you can’t insult an ignorant person”.My hope is,Atty Morgan is going to bring him and the rest of them to their knees when these Civil Trials get underway. I do believe,the money trail will be uncovered,and then,and only then,will all this be exposed.Just a matter of time!!!

    • SO true Dino…The Anthonys are a perfect example of being so stupid and ignorant…they don’t see the shame…and the horror… of what they have done.

      Complete vacancy upstairs…just like their spawn.

      It strikes me that everyone around them is just like them…too ignorant to be ashamed…too greedy to care…and absolutely no moral compass what so ever.

      They are all giving away who they really are by flocking towards this monstrosity.

      I’ve never seen anything like it…it’s a complete circle of EVIL.

  17. Welcome back on the bloody scene Dr. Piece of Shit hosting Pure EVIL on his show on Friday. It appears he will make a mockery of the Prosecutions expert that testified about chloroform. This blood sucking ass hole that paid the SCAM ANTHONY’s BLOOD money to open yet another fake fund and foundation after they drained the first one. Pie hole goes on tweet and brags about draining the fund that helped NO ONE. She dispersed the money to Caylee’s killer and her son. I have left numerous messages on Dr. POS’s page after this became public knowledge, of course of which he ignored. Now for him to host this lying POS BOZO for him to share information the PUBLIC was unaware of ie promoting his BULLSHIT book. They continue to blame the public of not letting this go. Yet every single time we turn on our televisions some Media ass hole has the Lying POS on their show. More exploitation of Caylee’s murder and more toting and bragging from her EVIL lawyer. This just disgusts me beyond belief. I left him yet another message for all the good that will do. He loves to exploit victims on his show, first the Scam Anthony’s and now BOZO who’s next the KILLER herself? GREAT comment above LINDA you tell those lying worthless corrupt bastards how you feel. You are right we come from the same era where Freedom of SPEECH cannot be stopped, shut down, or closed when evil rats come around. You keep exposing these dirt bags for what they are, that is the only reason they want to shut this blog down. They cannot handle the truth they are nothing, but pure liars, scammer’s and thieves. They stole an innocent child’s justice and that will never be forgotten!!!! Keep on Keeping on for Caylee and the corruption that removed her justice. Keep on keeping on to expose her killer’s team of liars. KARMA for all of them!!!! We the People fighting for Caylee Marie are here until the bitter end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks my friend!!! We love a good fight for a great cause. Screw them bastards!!!!

  18. GET them Linda they CANNOT shut down freedom of speech like they have Justice for Caylee. How disgusting they have been able to use their positions to attack a site for a innocent little girl and justice. They really thought in their simple minds that they could accomplish shutting down your voice and the supporters of Caylee Marie. WRONG bastards!!! Crawl back under the rock from wench you came. You parade her around and post photos on the internet about her bella vita life. Well Caylee Marie is a pile of ashes strung around her neck. You represent her for free and pour salt into our wounds on a daily basis. You pull every dirty trick on the book you can find to free her. What you fail to realize is you are being used, once she has gotten off all charges and free from debts of the people she has used you too will be discarded as if you did not exist. It is obvious to We the People that the corruption and flawed court system in Florida is corrupt. Jose Baez is the BIGGEST crook of all. He has profited off the murder of a little girl, spewing his lies and throwing innocent people under the bus. There is no end to his deceit and his trollish behavior from the media that he seeks. Our victim has been silenced by your monster and her lawyers. The justice system that was put into place to protect her has failed her. Twelve people did not feel her life was worthy as they freed her killer. We the People aka Caylee’s Warriors are here til the bitter end and no matter what you do to STOP our FIGHT you WILL not win!! You continue to label us and threaten us as if you have power over us. Our voices are loud and we fight for the only victim in this case and her name is Caylee Marie. So be gone and let the monster know we will remain and will never give up on justice gone wrong. RIP Caylee Marie and POWER to the PEOPLE who continue to fight for your JUSTICE!!! Keep on Keeping on Linda!!! I don’t know what we would do without you!!

    • Hi David…I know that you are like I am in the sense that we come from a generation that is used to sticking up for what we believe in and exercising our freedom of speech.

      In french…and excuse me…

      this foul bitch’s handlers have taken away my favorite TV shows…destroyed my faith in the justice system for-ever…underestimated my intelligence for 4 years

      and they are NOT…

      and I fucking repeat…

      they are NOT…

      going to take away my freedom of speech.

      After all..it’s not my fault that people go to my blog…it’s THEIRS…LOL.

      If they would just GO WAY…then no one would be writing about them.

      How does that old saying go?

      Be careful what you wish for…my Dear…for you shall surely get it.

      If they would go away…then they wouldn’t have to hire trolls…and they would have a better image…but they never learn.

      Pure EVIL.

    • “You represent her for free and pour salt into our wounds on a daily basis. You pull every dirty trick on the book you can find to free her.”

      Well put David, thank you for your exacting words.
      And now Dr. Filthy is at it with that vile creature Bozo.
      I am riled up again and I can’t see straight!

    • Thank you cindy…there are not many things I am passionate about…but the murder of children who have their whole life ahead of them…

      and never ASKED to be born???

      It breaks my heart and this case has been beyond “offensive”…this is just vile and repulsive.

      Who…out of any of us that followed this case and watched this trial can rest until e know what really happened?

      Waiting for karma…but I have all the faith in the world.

  19. Hi Linda: Another great article. I’m just so glad that this group of goons,her so called Lawyers, seem to think she’s the best thing since american pie.They are faced with the challenges of Atty Morgan and his colleagues,this is something they never anticipated. They thought after that outrageous verdict was announced around the world,they’d all be sitting on easy street, how funny they’re not,instead, little boy is still wonder is trying to peddle his flop of a book to a daytime tv show, due to air 2/13/13,a Federal Judge tossed out his lawsuit for the Colorado shooting victims/families,every big profile case he tries to inject himself into,he gets another door slammed shut in his face.It’s going to be a matter of time when CA will make some money,chump change,but she won’t be free to spend it,if she isn’t discharged from these Civil Suits,which,IMHO,I don’t think she will be,then any Judgements that Zenaida,Kronk & Tim Miller get will be valid for 20 years. She’ll never be free from the Court of public opinion,that’s the Court she should worry about.Every move her Attorneys try,there is always another Attorney ready,willing and able to outsmart them,that was evident this week when Attorney Shuker caught them by surprise when he filed his Motion to tranfer the Bankruptcy case to Orlando,which, by the way,was a smart move on his part,so, right out of the gate her goons lawyers have tried to perpetrate fraud upon the Court with using an illegal address.

    • Hi Dino!
      I saw where the civil suit is to be possibly moved…go M&M!
      I was thinking about Morgan and Morgan today…and how even though they aren’t really doing it for money…I don’t believe money could BUY this kind of POSITIVE PR…and I don’t think that the PR that any of the babykiller’s attorneys are getting them…are doing anything but making them look like greedy scum sucking pigs.

      If I ever needed an attorney I can tell you where I WOULD go and where I would NEVER go…not only because her are putting themselves into the same category as HER…

      they obviously place absolutely no value on the life of a child what so ever.

      Good…she’s around the right people…people who will use her and throw her to the dogs after they have whipped the public up into a frenzy.


      Paralegal my butt…lol…like they don’t want to get rid of asap!

      Let’s just see if they let THAT THING “paralegal” for them?

      I wouldn’t even trust her to go for coffee…but then…I wouldn’t trust any of THEM either!

      • How dumb can her handlers be to run to the media and tout her as someone who could be a paralegal or member of a think tank, when the public will ask the most obvious question …. if she is so smart and amazing, then why haven’t any of them scooped her up to work in their office?
        Every time one of those idiots makes a public statement like that, it is an insult to us. They can’t rewrite history. She has always been a liar and a theif, and now she can add murderer and convicted felon to her resume. Yeah, she’s a real keeper. Keep saying it, morons, and maybe if you click your heels 3 times, it might come true.

  20. Fantastic, Right on the money!!!!!! I fail to understand why these lunkheads keep putting her out there? Money? Fame? Reconigtion? Beats the hell out of all common sense. Everyword you printed could be called Gospel, yet these money sucking leeches and vampires are on the prowl every chance they get. They must like being targets for insulting remarks and utter contempt from over 90% of the population. Everyone that condones this behavior and jumps on the Bags of Cash for SKAG bandwagon gets what they deserve. Keep up the pressure Linda and just maybe someday one of these imbeciles will wake up and smell the coffee. I never in all my years, and I am a senior have seen so many maggots heap around one pile of garbarge. Again Great Job my friend.

    • I LOVE the way you write Gerri!!!!

      Hearts and hearts and hearts to you.

      I have expanded my vocabulary to accommodate these hood rats…they are the very lowest form of life…below pond scum.

      ” I never in all my years, and I am a senior have seen so many maggots heap around one pile of garbage.”

      Oh the visual…and so perfectly put.

      There’s a graphic in there somewhere…
      ; )

  21. Bravo Linda! You are so right! Bozo the Pimp and his money hungry cohorts are exploiting her. I bet she doesn’t even mind as long as she gains from it all.
    You are also right about her being a target for her demise. I am glad they are keeping her out there!
    Wonder how she feels being exploited just as she exploited Caylee in which I am positive she used that poor child in some kind of child porn and God knows what else!
    All the real truth will come out some day. Just hope its very soon. I can’t wait for the day she is dead!

    • Hi Jackie…this is what I believe is the beginning of Karma.

      She obviously has no regard what so ever for human life. She has used people, stolen from them…etc…etc…basically she’s a parasite.

      She can’t survive on her own. She has to have a HOST. She’s too dumb…she can’t even get her GED NOW. She should have had that already.

      She’s too stupid to hold a job or support her =self or get her GED so she has to latch on and start sucking.

      How funny is it…that she now has all of these people latching onto her and sucking away anything they can get out of an association with her…

      with absolutely no regard for her safety or her life?

      She’s far too stupid to see what’s happening…and they know it.

      It really does make them almost worse then she is…they are sucking the leftovers of Baez’s FAIL…and they don’t care if someone sets her on fire and puts it on youtube…

      just one more person for them to represent!

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