So it seems that people began lining the streets last night in HOUSTON, TEXAS…waiting to see our incredible President, and the turnout is record-breaking! These are the things that make me feel good about the country’s future…

HUGE! Blocks Long Line of Supporters Camp Out Overnight for Trump Houston #MAGA Rally With Ted Cruz; Outdoor Tailgate Party to Start at 9 AM!

Meanwhile…somebody let the gimp out of the basement…

Tom Arnold Challenges Trump to a Fight – Issues Thinly Veiled Beheading Threat “Next Time Kathy Won’t be Holding His Fake Head!”

What happened to him?

It looks like someone literally FREEZE-DRIED HIS FACE!

Seems like his BRAIN was still inside of his skull when they performed the SUCKING OUT of all the LIQUIDS!

This creature is questionable at best. Remember how he flopped onto the scene, clearly filling the role of: Rosanne’s little bitch?

I do. 

CURB any ideas that this thing was created via a normal pregnancy that occurred inside of a human being. This has “GLOW FAG PROJECT” written all over it.

Seems they are doing some exciting work with SLIM JIMS down there in the California CIA Labs…

Ever since President Trump put the KABOSH on buying and selling the CHINESE SKIN and EYEBALLS…

This is what happens when GLOW FAGS think.

Clearly the geniuses who created the TOM ARNOLD-THINGY…

had a problem getting the exact right eyeballs for it…and who knows what else went wrong.

I think that’s why they had to freeze-dry it, so the technology could catch up.

All in all the CIA has been exposed as an EPIC TANK OF TURDS (that’s CIA-talk for FAILURES…)

and a CARBUNCKLE on the history of our country, that will not soon be forgotten.

and the evidence (this week) has manifested  itself in the form of a FREEZE-DRIED GIMP and yet another massive CIA FAIL…

while our beloved President just keeps on winning…and winning…and winning!!!

Is anyone tired of winning yet? 




Youtube would do anything to get rid of me, but because I am not monetized and have NO advertisers…

the best they can do is put a “notation” next to my videos  saying that “copyrighted material” was used in MY video…AND that they are going to put ADS on THAT video…

so take that! 


(that is ONLY if I show a CLIP of a video…which I rarely do.)

I’m sure it drives them crazy and they shadow ban me as much as they possibly can.

These people. 


I am going to have to start posting the LINK to my videos HERE.

This, actually, gives me a chance to make “footnotes” and do other things, such as post documents that were shown in the video, so that people can read through them for themselves…



BELOW…is the first video I created, addressing the newspaper coverage of the elongated skulls and the giants, documented all across the world, since the mid 1880s (and earlier if I can find them) and track the disclosure via articles. 

The GOAL is to see when they started covering up ALL news reports of the finds, and to see what can be gleaned from the articles that were written RIGHT BEFORE they started to shut the whole thing down.

It’s my belief that major pieces of TRUTH were being revealed, at this time, and they shut it down to STOP people from discovering any further facts about these discoveries!

YESTERDAY’S VIDEO set the table for today’s video.

I started with the earliest article, and discovered what I believe to be an “Illuminati-run” school of SCIENCE, in which the writer discusses the Elongated skulls and put forth a theory.

Today’s video will chart the remarkable timeline of the GIANT SKELETONS which began to appear all across the USA in later years!

I will post the video here when I am finished editing it…






Now HERE’S something interesting…

This is the movie trailer for “The Land Unknown,” which is a film based on Admiral Byrd’s private diaries about INNER EARTH, written by one of the people who claimed to have accompanied Byrd on this mission!


Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Stay tuned for my video!