TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 FRIDAY 👉October 6, 2017 🇺🇸

I almost wrote an actual article today, about the censorship on youtube.

I was toying with the idea of changing this format to accommodate my mood on any particular day.

If I was inspired to write an article, instead of writing a “funny news rant,” where I get to insult these idiots without the annoyance of censorship, then I would write an article…

but then I said: “NAW…

I might bust a vein or something.”

I feel like someone whose home has been infested with a bizarre species of insect, that I never knew existed, and the damn things have gotten into my underwear drawer.

Now I’m finding them all over my house!

These things…whatever they are…have contaminated the media, entertainment industry and our very government.


I find these creatures to be disturbing freaks of nature.


Now they’ve chewed their way into YOUTUBE and, as you might have noticed, they’ve started removing videos like crazy. 

The jist of my article would have gone something like this, had I decided to write it;

“YouTube is getting rid of all right leaning, truth content, grooming the website to be a stomping ground for pedophiles, SJWs, and all other manner of socially depraved behavior, in an effort to continue to promote the the destruction of American values, while at the same time, compensating for the loss of income (that will surely follow) by stripping the site of all FREE entertainment and charging for it.”

YouTube believes that the answer to their problem is to charge for youtube.

The only people dumb enough to pay for this shit-stew would be leftists, morons and PERVS. 

In conclusion, had I written the article, I would have brought out 2 points;

  1. People despise them already. This will be just the push they need to MIGRATE to other formats and as a result of that migration, one format will stand out as a favorite. People will flood the new format for freedom of speech.
  2. This country dodged a major bullet when we elected President Donald J. Trump. This is war. 

I’m no psychic, but I predict this will be the end of youtube. 

Here’s a link to all the videos on youtube addressing the outrageous censorship:

CLICK HERE: See how ANGRY YouTubers are at being censored!

NOTE: I wanted to write about this, because they are deleting videos “fast and furious” over there at youtube, and some of the great videos I posted, just this week, have been taken down already.

I am still finding wonderful things to watch on youtube, and will continue to post the links, until youtube is no longer useful, but cannot guarantee how long these great old movies will be there.

It’s a damn shame, because it was one of the very best features that youtube offered in my book.

That being said, there’s plenty of great videos out there on other websites, the trick is to search them out and find them.

BitChute is currently my favorite, because they are NOT censoring anything, and it works off a bit-torrent platform, so once it’s up…it’s up, meaning that no outside “entity” can “remove” it.

Like I say, I’m no psychic, but I predict something GREAT will come of all of this.

Down with the old and up with the new.




Funny Hillary meme:



Prominent Far Left Male Feminist Faces Multiple Rape Allegations, Potential Jail Time


Dear Jesus, the hypocrisy is getting all over me and I’m afraid it’s going to stain my Eileen Fisher tunic sweater.

Please make it stop.


Please God, How long do we have to put up with these lying lizards from the pits of hell?

Just asking.

Take your time fixing our country though, God, don’t take any short-cuts because of me.

I’ll tough it out…

but if we could get a heads up on when these demonic, reptilian, shape-shifitng LOSERS are slated for destruction, it would really help me out on multiple levels.



My first impression: Female to male TRANNY. 


Look at the face.

Looks like my female painting teacher, from art school, only this “fella” has a fake goatee.

Her name was MS. (don’t get that part wrong) Samuelson, otherwise known as “Sammy.”

Let me put it to you this way…

when I pointed my teacher out to my Grandmother one day, she said:

“What’s his name?”

When I told her it was a woman, she said:

“OHHH…you don’t mean it? Why that looks more like a fella than it does a gal!”

Sammy would march into class, flat chest puffed out, all 5 ft 2 inches of her, wearing a man’s button-down shirt, usually plaid (sometimes with a string tie) and a cowboy hat over her crew cut / hair-cut-head.

In the hottest of Florida weather…those facts never varied.

Sammy would “march” into class and yell “ROLE CALL!!!!!” at the top of her voice, while placing one, cowboy-booted foot, firmly on a bench, as she surveyed the class, with a face that would sober even the most trashed of drunkards.

Then (Im not finished) she would push the brim of her hat back (like James Dean) and scream it out one more time…JUST one…more…time…


That was your final warning…after the hat-thing.

If you weren’t completely silent and sitting at attention, you’d suffer the wrath of “Hurricane Sammy!”

Although I’m 100% positive (without technically knowing) that Sammy is a Hillary supporter…I’m pretty sure she never raped anyone…

that’s to my knowledge.

None the less…this “guy” reminds me of Sammy.

Either way…typical DEMOCRAT.

They are so full of hypocrisy…I can smell them from 20 feet away these days.

If they are looking to make people despise Democrats…then they are doing a great job!





I’m going to make quick business of this today, because it’s Friday and I have things I want to do.

I am soooooo sick of these, in my face, flaming, raging, psycho-hypocrites, that I could saw my own arms off.

I chose this video (by the Doctor of Common Sense) because this turd, Kimmel (who is just another Hollywood PEDO in my opinion) is the most glaring example of hypocrisy I could find…

although they ALL fit that description these days.

If I had no respect for these Hollywood creeps before, I have less than NO respect for them now.

Less than nothing.

A good analogy for this would be to think of a “pile of poop.”

NOTHING is preferable to a pile of poop, especially if you step in it or accidentally come into contact with it.



Youtube: Get’em while they’re hot. (No guarantees these will be here tomorrow.)