PIZZAGATE IS REAL! #PizzaGateIsReal… January 4, 2018


This article was written to accompany a video series I am working on, decoding the Podesta emails, and laying out the reasons why:  PizzaGate is REAL. 

The videos will be posted below the article.

When I first heard about the Clinton and Podesta WikiLeaks email drop,  having references to Child Porn, Aliens, Satan worshiping and “Spirit Cooking…”

my jaw dropped.

What the…?

Let me begin this article by stating unequivocally that not one person in the alternative community had even a remote clue that these things were going to surface in those communications. It was the last thing anyone expected to hear.

No one went out looking for Satanic Cults and Child Trafficking rings. We were looking for good old fashioned TREASON.

Why WOULD we be looking for those things? We may be creative but we’re otherwise normal people.

That being said, I am the type of person who wants to see the PROOF, especially in this case. 

My heart literally began to sink into my stomach, as I began to research this.

The Comet Pizza instagrams and the Tony Podesta”Art Collection,” (more like sadistic, necrophile, pedophile pornography) leave NO DOUBT.

The cold, stark realization that these people were actually into hurting, raping and murdering children made me first sick…then furious. 

The final straw (as if I didn’t know what I was looking at already) was the “Heavy Breathing / Majestic Ape” performance, in which they are joking about “having preferences” for children…

Then there is the video below.

They keep DELETING it from youtube, so I’ve uploaded here on my blog.

This video was shot by a person who lives in the neighborhood, who was concerned about the Ping Pong table being next to the street.

Note: Ping Pong is a slang term meaning 2 people taking turns, having sex, on one other person. No doubt the table was there as another symbol for pedophiles who happened to be visiting the DC area.

The men are playing ping pong and a bus has pulled up next to the curb. You can clearly hear a child screaming at this point.

One of the men walks behind the bus, out of view, and the screaming stops.

The bus pulls away…but a few seconds later you can hear the chid screaming again, and it sounds like a little boy screaming for help! 

The men go back to playing pong pong .

To say this video is sketchy is an understatement, and the fact that YouTube keeps deleting  it, makes it all the more troubling…


As I studied the emails a pattern began to emerge.

The emails, instagrams, artwork and language left no doubt…






Stay tuned for Part Two: “Still in Torture Chamber” 

Have a great day…and pray for these children.