Well I’ve been busy making videos which I will share below…

MEANWHILE… I kind of MISS being belligerent, violent and snarky…

(only as a funny joke of course.)

Take a look at this…

MASS EXODUS In Women’s March Membership, Pussy Hats Dry Up Over Ties To Known Anti-Semite

There’s nothing better than a dried up pussy hat.

As you see…they finally found a way to control the large herds of Post Menopausal, Degenerated, Democratic BIMBOS…

that have been escaping from their feeding areas (at the ZOO…) and collecting on busy streets, to clog traffic for hours, spew hideous vulgarities at passers-by and scream obscenities about their own vaginas, to anyone who will stop and listen.

They have empty skulls.

That’s why they need those hats.

And let’s not forget the “Male-thingys” (or whatever they are calling themselves right this minute…)

who get out there WITH these MAD COWS in order to scream:

“NAZI!” and “HITLER!”

That’s all. That’s the message.

Let’s face it, when it’s a gaggle of washed up hags with the same brain that a Fruit Roll-Up has…

raging like angry whores, who got stiffed for their $20 bill…

and dressing like giant vaginas and penises…


…then you’re probably talking about ugly, angry skanks, who haven’t been laid for decades and are going to make the whole world pay for it.



They claim they “Hate Trump” because he SAID “pussy” and yet…


Somebody said the word “pussy” in a PRIVATE conversation 20 years ago, and THIS is their reaction…

MEANWHILE these ESCAPEES from the DUMBASS SECTION over there in the mezzanine level of HELL…

are acting out in the presence of children!!!

For those of us who remember when women had REAL issues to deal with, and fought  for real change, using the system and demonstrating our abilities…

we  ALREADY  proved we can compete.

We ALREADY get comparable pay raises based on our job performances.

We ALREADY have the rights and respect we deserve and these hideous skanks are screwing it up!



These dumbass women appear not to have ONE SINGLE brain cell, housed in the empty cavern of their SKULL BONES.



The whole “Pink Pussy-Hat” thing has been a Clown Car of EPIC proportions and a disgrace to women.

Meet their HERO…


These vacuous NitWits are a perfect example of what happens to vibrant young women…

when they grow into unattractive, useless hags and have nothing to do with their time!



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Even though this is pure propaganda, created by the BBC, in order to acclimate the population to the idea of letting hoards of undocumented refugees into their country…the writing and the technical production of these rich stories are outstanding. 

BBC uses propaganda in ALL of their programming and I believe you are FINED if you do not have the TV in your home in parts of the UK.

One thing they do is create tension on the screen. The characters are always such malcontents and they constantly fight with each other, thus putting YOU in a state of apprehension FOR THEM.

Even though this series is laced with propaganda, you can make a game of looking for it and it becomes amusing and easy to ignore after that in my opinion.

Speaking as someone who worked in the television and entertainment industry for years…

the acting, the character development, the story lines, the videography and art direction, virtually every aspect of this particular series is flawlessly executed from top to bottom and start to finish.

This holds true with most of the productions that come from the BBC in my opinion.

Top drawer propaganda!




Rosemary and Thyme…

I love this series because of all of the gardens and the English architecture and history.

I used to want to travel to England and stay for a month if I could ever afford it.

However, that was before they let loose hordes of undocumented, diseased, primal, SAVAGES (who coincidentally HATE everything about the British) onto the (once beautiful and well-cared for) landscape, where they immediately began setting up their (diverse) MUD HOUSES, TENTS, Sleeping Bags, refrigerator shipping crates and crapping all over the streets of the villages and inside the bank, on the marble floor.

That’s what I like about this show.

Plus it’s more relaxing  than Vera…




Take a good look because these places probably look a lot CRAPPIER now that England has become so “diverse.”