🇺🇸 👉MONDAY 👉 MAY 7, 2018 🇺🇸 HAPPY MONDAY!!!



Here’s my video for today.

I don’t have anything clever to say about it because I’m moving and I have to pack my clothes today.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have an update on the CLOTHING situation…and a review of the BOXES I ordered.




























Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!





3 thoughts on “🇺🇸 👉MONDAY 👉 MAY 7, 2018 🇺🇸 HAPPY MONDAY!!!

  1. Linda,
    been posting links and observing stuff in the chatroom.i came to the conclusion that its no wonder they wanna kill us off.Its Hannity said this,and Carlson said that the same mother fuckers that backed W,as a race of sheeple we have this “ISM”incredibly short memories.
    i like your work and think you’ll be up to 350 subs in no timebut I’m bailing on the chatroom shit.I’m stupid enough and can’t afford and more loss of intellelect.People can’t remember that these same “USEFUL IDIOTS promoted the 911 lie.WTF.BTW LInda sweetheart its not the ZIONISTS,they are the Court tools for the VATICAN,they had about a 1500 year headstart.However,keep plugging away,i love your WIT,I gotta bail on the chatroom cause i just don’t GAF what the MSM news says.And thats gonna be a issue for you.That affiliation/cointel BS.I find you to be sincere.Just like I find Trump to genuinely like people and not want to kill them off,by chemtrails/guiillitines,andvaccines.Maybe thats his weakness,but the powers chose him over brain damaged ,mad COW disease Hillary.Nothing happens by accident.i truly hope he MAGA,and maybe we can go a few years without war,considering in our 230 year history there was only 27 years of peace.Keep up the good work,don’t lose the humour,and keep praying.The Hivites gotta go but maybe not in our time.
    Like i said i can’t stomach the ,GOOD COPBad Copparadigm .Heres a recommend ,
    lorrena mc kennett great peasant music.

  2. Linda,
    I found this video that addressed so many things you expressed in your videos,its very well researched.
    It deals with inbreeding,cannabalism,blood diseases and need for fresh blood etc.Also deals with PRIONS,similar to MAD COW DISEASE,KURU,TSE,.OMG it must have been a video that flew under the radar,it address VAMPIRES,CANNABILS,etc etc and its very short only 18 minutes.It will answer some of your comments,like whats up with thier eyes,the fact that this condition affects eye coordination.PLEASE CHECK OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__UQQEHuRws&t=902s

    • Hi Stephen!
      I was working on a video and saw your post on the chat (with the link to the video) and when I went to the link and watched it!

      Great info!

      Will be doing a video on Kuru soon!

      Thanks for the heads up Stephen!

      Please feel free to jump on the chat and add anything you want too! many of us are busy and don’t have time to actually chat…but we watch ALL the LINKS!!!

      Thanks for the link and the kind words Stephen!


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