Hi Guys! I’m writing in my blog today because I have an interview with Dustin Nemos later, about YouTube Censorship and also because our amazing President…

President Donald J Trump

…is having a rally today (you can find the link to the rally at the bottom of this blog post).


I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Tonight we have a TRUMP RALLY!!!





First we must review Barry’s TREASON, by studying the important MEME-AGE, collected from the Q Mega-Meme Server:

Remember when Barry was a Foreign Exchange Student?

That was a good joke on us…no?

Remember when he was a “Black Panther” (who hated “white People”) even though he’s SUPPOSED to be Half white?

That was another good one!


Barry has a real good sense of humor…

This photo was taken long after MOOSE HUNTING SEASON had ended…otherwise there could have been an epic hunting accident, and we could have lost Moosey (cough).

Just look at the size of that Moose! They actually thought that their crappy brainwashing, and even crappier “magic” (cough), had impaired us SO much…

…that we wouldn’t notice a GIANT MOOSE in the White House!!!

Let’s see…

…can you spot the MOOSE?

Back to Barry’s crimes…

What happened to Wendy??? Who are they parading around Hollywood now?Does Wendy / Maggie have a clone?

Was Maggie / Wendy SACRIFICED at the Standard Hotel???




Don’t forget to watch our AMAZING President tonight at 7pm!!! MAGA!






  1. Re: Golden gate bridge destruction video

    There is even more to this …

    August 8, 2019
    British Scientist Reports She Found Heaven—Gets Crushed To Death By Giant Rock

    I guess now it is late enough to post what Gilbert was referring to. Once a Marine, always a Marine that can be trusted. He was saying he could be trusted. Who was going to do it? Obama.

    ► Liar, Liar, corpse man on fire – Trust but Verify

    He was saying Obama would be behind it.

    Both USA coasts wiped out:

    Curse of the Zeroes – Part 4 – Zechariah 13 – what kills the whore (aka USA) of Babylon?

    FWIW: I think POTUS Trump has already turned back the destruction by going after Epstein Island because Rev 17:01-10 has changed.

    I guess when you are Satan and going to hell, you have too much time on your hands and dream up this stupid number worship to take out the Golden Gate Bridge.

    POTUS Trump, you know who I am, give me a message by referring to Deut 28:12 or Luke 01:36-55 and I will make an intercessor prayer and ask Jesus to intervene on your behalf.

    Otherwise I will just fly my beautiful USA flag Saturday and Sunday and try not worry about it.

    Thank you for painting Air Force One, it meant a lot to me.

    We all have faults. Until Jesus tells me otherwise, I will consider you a Patriot.

  2. Well, I did some research on Allison Mack and what I love about your picture is that is the 2nd picture of her biting her tongue while smiling. Between that and the wonky left eye these things usually have, it is probably not what most people would call human. She appears to have their typical upper jaw/pallet insert.

    Or maybe she is that psycho chick you never want to date

    Btw:looks like a biological male.

    I found her “clone” on YouTube, but, I will send by email because I am not sure I want to out it as a male or who it is a clone of because it looks like to me they replaced it once already when it mentioned a name it should not.

  3. I just shared some picks of Obanz on Facebook. I am sure they will be taken down.

    • My comment was blocked because I used the word tranny. On Foxnews I now use the names of transmissions many guys would know. They caught onto my saying the Star was recently served at AAMCO.

      Example, she sure is a pretty Ford A4LD.

  4. Thank you for these pics of Obama. I hadn’t seen the ones as a Black Panther and with Michael. I downloaded and shared this with my friend/co-worker that told me during Obama presidency that she was a he. My friend said his Adam’s apple showed (which I hadn’t noticed) but I do see the cheeks/smile matches.

  5. Hi Linda,
    Great work as always. I am so glad your helping wake up more people.
    I just can’t wait for the mass arrest on these evil monsters.
    God has spoken and yes the military tribunals are here.
    Freedom is right around the corner from this 3D matrix we been in.
    Slaves no more thank you God for saving us and not giving up on us.

  6. The Black Panther and Barry and Michael hugging are new ones to me. I will forward this pics to my friend/former co-worker who first told me that Michelle was a dude. She said you can see it in the Adam’s apple but I see it in the cheeks of when they are hugging. Most of America when The Great Awakening happens will be shocked how much we were lied to. Today is Wednesday. I am hoping to hear about something. I am more excited about this than my usual Friday excitement.

  7. Hi Linda,I have to agree the trolling about Pres Trump is getting worse.I had even started to manifest some cautious optimism
    because of issues like 5g rollout and chemtrailing,and derugulating GMOs.So yesterday I was speaking to God out loud,and asking is this man the real deal or is this another setup for deception?,Then a couple minutes later I opened my garage door here in central FL,and in front of my eyes was the most beautiful Double rainbow,I said wow thanks for the reply!

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