New Blog Feature: Greasy McStain FAKE-DEATH POLL…

Happy Monday PATRIOTS!


AT the risk of being called SNARKY AND INAPPROPRIATE…

I’m going to suggest that old GREASY McStain FAKED his “brain tumor” to avoid ANYTHING LIKE “consequences” for his LIFETIME OF TREASON and selling AMERICA OUT!

So, in recognition of  “The Mystery of No-Name McStain…”

I decided to learn how to create (inappropriate) POLLS for the BLOG! YAY! 

(It’s a little hard to read, but it’s my first poll.)

Right now I’m trying out the FREE POLL SERVICE…from POLL DADDY…

because this guy is such a repulsive, lying POS…

well…it just seemed like the thing to do!

If you guys like these polls I can invest a whopping $30 a year and get all kinds of OTHER (FUN) features with the polls, so let me know how you like this!

I set it up so that people can NOT “repeat vote,” to keep the numbers pure…but you can leave comments and make multiple choices.

POLLS: I think they could be fun!

So what do you think? Did the wretched old TOAD just UP AND DIE right when the biggest DROPS are about to come crashing down on his ODD-SHAPED head?

Do you believe in coincidences?


NOTE: I also meant to write that the clone was IN the coffin…IN the coffin…not ON the coffin…

but this is my first poll.

Next time (if this one works) I’ll focus more on the spelling.