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I love this gun lady.



WATCH THIS before proceeding further…


Now you’re ready for this…

Chelsea Handler Asks Lindsey Graham if There’s a Video of Him ‘Sucking D*ck’ – Encourages Him to “Come Out” of the Closet

The cross-eyed skank got out of it’s cage again.

QUICK…someone call ELLEN! 

I can’t tell if this is the real skank or the clone because they both have defective (lop-sided) eyes, and missing brain-parts.

Every time this Bimbo tweets, a fairy dies.

The winning just doesn’t stop with this one. 





The problem is, if I simply make fun of her all the time, for no reason…it makes ME seem like the bully…however I’m willing to take that chance…

I never have to wait long for the dumb bitch to do something retarded anyway. 

When you’re a used up, washed-up MAN-hag…(gender-check needed here)…

the dumbass just FALLS from your lips like DROOL.

See the photo below? Notice how everyone has cleared the area? They all ran for their lives when they saw the big dumb skank dismounting from her Hummer with her saggy breasts hanging out…

wouldn’t you?


Look at’em run! 

She has all the appeal of a hormonally confused COW.

They probably don’t want her to accidentally get any URINE on them! 

Look at HER EYES!!!!

What the HELL is the matter with her lop-sided EYES???


Why are her eyes two different SIZES?

Why is one sitting higher than the other and why do many celebrities and politicians have the lop-sided, droopy eye syndrome? 

CUE: Theme Song to The Twilight Zone…



Twitter Responds to O’Keefe’s Undercover Video

Ahhhh Twitter…

the LAND of PEDOS!

A “Safe Space” for PEDOPHILES..who want to “come out” of the “closet…”

because they would never, ever, ever, ever, ever actually DO anything to a child…

they only THINK about it (all the time) and TALK about it with their PEDO-FRIENDS!

Pedophiles are actually super-GREAT people! You just don’t know it yet because ALL OF YOU are Conservative, Republican, Christians…

…and if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you (I’ll let it go real cheap,) because I’m the Queen of England and I own a few too many bridges.

There’s really nothing funny about this, except for the fact that these PEDOS believe for one second that we are going to accept Pedophilia as anything but an OBSCENE crime against children!

JACK DORSEY is a PEDOPHILE, and he wants to turn Twitter into a safe place for PEDOS to “tweet away” about having SEX with children.

Here’s the link to my video on the subject: 



















Here’s three old thrillers that I have seen and REALLY enjoyed. I’m posting them here so I can watch them again this weekend! 





Here’s some movies that I HAVE NOT seen but I am posting them here now…so that I can come back and watch them later…because they look like movies that I would enjoy! 




Here’s something for fun. Try to forget that Gwen Verdon is probably a TRANNY (if you can…)